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Established in 1994, our toy and book store has prided itself in being "Not Your Ordinary Toy Store." Our "real" store in South Pasadena, CA,has a mixture of dino and non-dinosaur goodies, but our online store (that would be right here) is nothin' but dinosaurs: you name it, if it's got "dinosaur" attached to the name, we've got it!

We just got the NEW 2014 CollectA Dinosaurs. There are 5 of them and 3 of them have eating themes. Two are carrying their meals in their mouths and one of them IS somebody's meal. Must have been before lunch when they came up with the poses for these guys. Check them out below!

We're very close to debuting our BRAND NEW website ...stay tuned!

Questions? Best time to call us is Mon-Fri 10:30am-2pm PST at our store (626 441-2767) or email at sales@dinofarm.com

Address: 1510 Mission St., South Pasadena, CA 91030

Regular Store Hours: 10-6 Mon-Sat, 11-5 Sun Also for you Facebook followers, our "real" store in South Pasadena has a Fan Page here: The Dinosaur Farm Facebook Fan Page.

Featured Products

2014 Carcharodontosaurus Deluxe  (Collecta)
BRAND NEW FOR '14! 12 inches long!
Ichthyovenator 2014 (Collecta)
BRAND NEW for '14!
Quetzalcoatlus with Prey 2014 (Collecta)
BRAND NEW fo '14!
2014 Xenoceratops (Collecta)
BRAND NEW for '14! Top this!
2014 Stegosaurus Corpse (Collecta)
BRAND NEW for '14! Dinner is served!
Chocolate Dinosaur Egg w/ chocolate dinosaurs inside!
A big hollow milk chocolate egg with little chocolate dinosaurs inside!
Jumbo Dinosaurs
A great beginner set of big dinosaurs!
2014 T-rex (Carnegie)
Carnegie's ONLY 2014 dinosaur!
Set of 6 XL Soft Play Dinosaurs
Regular price: $78.99
Sale price: $68.99
Dino Meal game
Take the Dino's meal or become the Dino's meal!
Dinosaur Storage Box/Playmat
Unzip this colorful dinosaur storage box to make a dino playmat!
Dino Checkers
King me!
My First RC Dinosaur: T.rex!
A turning, traveling T.rex!
Nat'l Geographic Kid's FIRST BIG BOOK of DINOSAURS
We really REALLY like this book!
Dinosaur Stencil Book
Combination Board Book and Dinosaur Stencils!