Popular  Dino Collections
We've got all the major collections and a few esoteric ones, too! Most of these dinosaurs are sturdy enough to play with or detailed enough to display. There are even a few prehistoric mammal collections (Bullyland, Safari,Papo, Schleich).

Click on the blue titles (or the dino name) for more info and to place order!

- Carnegie Museum Collection by Safari -
The Carnegie Museum Collection by Safari - A leader in dinosaur replicas and probably the most respected and established collection in the world
2014 T-rex (Carnegie)
Acrocanthosaurus (Carnegie)
Albertosaurus (Carnegie)
Allosaurus (Carnegie)
Amargasaurus (Carnegie)
Ankylosaurus (Carnegie)
Apatosaurus (Carnegie)
Baryonyx (Carnegie)
Beipiaosaurus (Carnegie)
Brachiosaurus - original model(Carnegie)
Brachiosaurus (Carnegie) 2012
Camarasaurus (Carnegie)
Caudipteryx (Carnegie)
Carnotaurus (Carnegie) 2011
Concavenator (Carnegie)
Deinosuchus (Carnegie)
2010 Cryolophosaurus (Carnegie)
Dilong (Carnegie)
Dimetrodon (Carnegie)
Diplodocus (Carnegie)
Elasmosaurus (Carnegie)
Giganotosaurus (Carnegie)
2010 Ichthyosaurus (Carnegie)
Iguanodon (Carnegie)
Kronosaurus (Carnegie)
Maiasaura with Nest (Carnegie)
Microraptor (Carnegie)
Miragaia (Carnegie)
Oviraptor (Carnegie)
Parasaurolophus (Carnegie)
Pteranodon (Carnegie)
Quetzalcoatlus (Carnegie)
Saltasaurus (Carnegie)
2009 Spinosaurus (Carnegie)
Spinosaurus (Carnegie)
Stegosaurus (Carnegie)
Tanystropheus (Carnegie)
Triceratops (Carnegie)
Tylosaurus (Carnegie)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Carnegie)
Tyrannosaurus rex - original green (Carnegie)
Velociraptor (Carnegie)
Woolly Mammoth (Carnegie)
CollectA /  Procon  Dinosaurs
This line is SO big, we've split it up into medium-sized dinos and Deluxe dinos. Here are the medium-sized dinos...
Ichthyovenator 2014 (Collecta)
Quetzalcoatlus with Prey 2014 (Collecta)
2014 Stegosaurus Corpse (Collecta)
2014 Xenoceratops (Collecta)
2013 Daspletosaurus (CollectA)
2013 Pachycephalosaurus (Collecta)
2013 Diabloceratops (Collecta)
2013 Diplodocus (Collecta)
2012 Argentinosaurus XL (CollectA)
2012 Dino Prey - Triceratops (Collecta)
2012 Dolichorhynchops(Collecta)
2012 Hypsilophodon Family (Collecta)
2012 Koreaceratops Family
2012 Kosmoceratops (Collecta)
2012 Mapusaurus XL (Collecta)
2012 Megacerops XL (CollectA)
2012 Mirigaia (Collecta)
2012 Rajasaurus (CollectA)
2012 Stegosaurus (Collecta)
2012 Therizinosaurus (Collecta)
2012 T-rex with Prey (Collecta)
2012 T. rex (Collecta)
2012 Utahceratops (Collecta)
2011 Alamosaurus (Collecta)
2011 Ampelosaurus (Collecta)
2011 Attenborosaurus (Collecta)
2011 Australovenator (Collecta)
2011 Concavenator (CollectA)
2011 Hatzegopteryx (Collecta)
2011 Irritator (CollectA)
2011 Lilliensternus (Collecta)
2011 Lourinhanosaurus (CollectA)
2011 Ornithocheirus (CollectA)
2011 Proceratosaurus (Collecta)
2011 Torosaurus (CollectA)
2011 Utahraptor (Collecta)
Achelousaurus (CollectA)
Afrovenator (CollectA)
Agustina (Collecta)
Alioramus (Collecta)
Allosaurus (Collecta)
Amargasaurus (CollectA)
Ankylosaurus (Collecta)
Baryonyx (CollectA)
Becklespinax (Collecta)
Brachiosaurus (Collecta)
Camptosaurus (CollectA)
Cetiosaurus (Collecta)
Chasmosaurus (CollectA)
Corythosaurus (Collecta)
Cryolophosaurus (Collecta)
Dilophosaurus (Collecta)
Dracorex (Collecta)
Edmontonia (Collecta)
Eotyrannus (Collecta)
Eustreptospondylus (CollectA)
Gigantoraptor (CollectA)
Herrerasaurus (CollectA)
Hydrotherasaurus (Collecta)
Iguanodon (Collecta)
Kentrosaurus (Collecta)
Lambeosaurus (Collecta)
Lexoviasaurus (Collecta)
Liopleurodon (Collecta)
Lufengosaurus (Collecta)
Majungatholus (Collecta)
Megalosaurus (CollectA)
Minme (Collecta)
Muttaburrasaurus (Collecta)
Neovenator (Collecta)
Nothronychus (Collecta)
Olorotitan (Collecta)
Ouranosaurus (Collecta)
Oviraptor (Collecta)
Pachyrhinosaurus (Collecta)
Parasaurolophus (Collecta)
Polacanthus (Collecta)
2011 Plateosaurus (CollectA)
Psittacosaurus (CollectA)
Pteranodon (CollectA)
Rebbachisaurus (Collecta)
Rhoetosaurus (CollectA)
Rugops (CollectA)
Sarcosuchus (CollectA)
Smilodon (Collecta)
Shunosaurus (Collecta)
Spinosaurus (Collecta)
Stegosaurus (Collecta)
Styracosaurus (Collecta)
Tarbosaurus (Collecta)
Tenontosaurus (CollectA)
Triceratops (CollectA)
Tsingtaosaurus (CollectA)
Tylosaurus (Collecta)
Tyrannosaurus rex (Collecta)
Velociraptor (Collecta)
Wuerhosaurus (CollectA)
Woolly Mammoth Calf (Procon)
Williamsonia Tree (Collecta)
Monathesia & Cycadeoidae Tree (Collecta)
Deluxe Collecta/Procon Dinosaurs
Larger Collecta models
2014 Carcharodontosaurus Deluxe (Collecta)
2013 Deinotherium (Collecta)
2013 Parasaurolophus deluxe (CollectA)
2013 Ankylosaurus Deluxe (Collecta)
Agustina Deluxe (CollectA)
2012 Amargasaurus Deluxe (CollectA)
Baryonyx Deluxe (Collecta)
Brachiosaurus Deluxe (Collecta)
2011 Dacentrurus Deluxe (CollectA)
2012 Deinocheirus Deluxe (Collecta)
Hyaleosaurus Deluxe (CollectA)
Jobaria Deluxe (CollectA)
2011 Kelenken Deluxe (Collecta)
2012 Neovenator Deluxe (Collecta)
Nigersaurus Deluxe (Collecta)
Paralatitan Deluxe (Collecta)
Paraceratherium Deluxe (Collecta)
Pteranodon Deluxe (Collecta)
2011 Rhomaleosaurus Deluxe (CollectA)
Scelidosaurus Deluxe (Collecta)
Spinosaurus Deluxe (Collecta)
Stegosaurus Deluxe (Collecta)
Triceratops Deluxe (Collecta)
2012 Triceratops Deluxe (Collecta)
Tyrannosaurus rex Deluxe (CollectA)
GIANT Tyrannosaurus rex (Collecta)
Velociraptor Deluxe (Collecta)
Woolly Mammoth Deluxe (Collecta)
Papo Prehistoric Figures
The cream of the crop!
2013 Carnotaurus (Papo)
2013 Dimetrodon (Papo)
2013 Woolly Rhino (Papo)
2012 Brachiosaurus (Papo)
2012 Running T.rex (Papo)
Allosaurus (Papo)
2011 Ankylosaurus (Papo)
Oviraptor (Papo)
Pachycephalosaurus (Papo)
Parasaurolophus (Papo)
2010 Pachyrhinosaurus (Papo)
2010 Plesiosaurus (Papo)
Pteranodon (Papo)
Spinosaurus (Papo)
Smilodon (Papo )
Stegosaurus (Papo)
Triceratops (Papo)
2011 Styracosaurus (Papo)
2012 Tylosaurus (Papo)
Velociraptor (Papo)
T rex (Papo)
Mammoth (Papo)
Wooly Mammoth Calves (Papo)
Cave Man with Club and Hatchet
Cave Man with Spear
Brown T-rex Baby (Papo)
Green T-rex Baby (Papo)
- Schleich -
Germany's prestigious dinosaur line
2013 Carnotaurus (Schleich)
2013 Styracosaurus (Schleich)
2012 Allosaurus (Schleich)
2012 Apatosaurus (Schleich)
2012 Giganotosaurus (Schleich)
2012 Brachiosaurus (Schleich)
2012 Quetzalcoatlus (Schleich)
2012 Parasaurolophus (Schleich)
2012 Saichania (Schleich)
2012 Spinosaurus (Schleich)
2012 Stegosaurus (Schleich)
2012 T.rex (Schleich)
2012 Triceratops (Schleich)
2012 Velociraptor (Schleich)
T-rex "Hunting" (Schleich)
2014 Pentaceratops (Schleich)
2014 Tyrannosaurus rex (Schleich)
2014 Therizinosaurus (Schleich)
2014 Velociraptor (Schleich)
Schleich  Jr. Dinosaurs
Smaller in size and smaller in price!
Brachiosaurus ( Schleich Jr.)
Dilophosaurus (Schleich Jr.)
Triceratops (Schleich Jr)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Schleich Jr)
- Wild Safari. -
The quality is great and the price is right!
2014 Megalodon (Wild Safari)
2014 Monolophosaurus (Wild Safari)
2014 Suchomimus (Wild Safari)
2014 Pachyrhinosaurus (Wild Safari)
2013 Dimorphodon (Wild Safari)
2013 Diabloceratops (Wild Safari)
2013 Elasmosaurus (Wild Safari)
2013 Gastornis (Wild Safari)
2013 Gryposaurus (Wild Safari)
2012 Acrocanthosaurus (Wild Safari)
2012 Ceratosaurus (Wild Safari)
2011 Edmontosaurus (Wild Safari)
2011 Guanlong (Wild Safari)
2011 Inostrancevia (Wild Safari)
2011 Kaprosuchus (Wild Safari)
2008 Allosaurus (Wild Safari)
Apatosaurus (Wild Safari)
Brachiosaurus 2010 (Wild Safari)
Brachiosaurus (Wild Safari)
Coelacanth (Wild Safari)
Dilophosaurus (Wild Safari)
Dunkleosteus (Wild Safari)
2012 Dracorex (Wild Safari)
Liopleurodon (Wild Safari)
Mosasaurus (Wild Safari)
Nigersaurus (Wild Safari)
Postosuchus (Wild Safari)
Scutosaurus (Wild Safari)
Tapejara (Wild Safari)
Stegosaurus (Wild Safari)
Triceratops (Wild Safari)
2011 T. rex (Wild Safari)
Pteranodon (Wild Safari)
Pterosaur (Wild Safari)
Rhamphorhynchus (Wild Safari)
Spinosaurus (Wild Safari)
2008 T. rex (Wild Safari)
Velociraptor (Wild Safari)
2012 Vagaceratops (Wild Safari)
Sabre-tooth Tiger (Wild Safari)
Wooly Mammoth (Wild Safari)
Oviraptor On Nest (Wild Safari)
More Wild Safari Babies!
Wild Safari Soon to be Extinct
Friends of Extinction
Juvenile T-rex (Wild Safari)
Suchimimus (Wild Safari)
Spinosaurus Baby Old (Wild Safari)
Utahraptor Baby ( Old - Wild Safari)
Wooly Mammoth Baby (Wild Safari)
Galaxy "Giant Dinosaurs"
A large, lightweight basic set of dinosaurs!
Apatosaurus (Galaxy Toys)
Stegosaurus (Galaxy Toys)
Triceratops (Galaxy Toys)
Tyrannosaurus rex (Galaxy Toys)
Velociraptor (Galaxy Toys)
Therizinosaurus (Galaxy)
Spinosaurus (Galaxy)
Entire Galaxy Dinosaur Collection
Dinostoreus Collection
Eleven brand new additions to this great line!
Tyrannosaurus rex (Dinostoreus)