Dino Decor - Dinosaur Bedding & Accessories

Dino Decor
Looking to decorate a room for your favorite little Dinomaniac, or yourself? We can help you create the perfect prehistoric lair.

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Jurassic Dinosaur Sleeping Bag
There's a dino on my sleeping bag!
Dinosaur Crossing Road Sign
Lets' hope there's a street sweeper somewhere around...
Dinosaur Road Signs
Realistic-looking road signs warn of dinos ahead! $9.95 each!
Dinosaur Wall Border
Removable peel-and-stick dinosaur wall border!
Dinosaur Wall Clings
Amazing peel-and-stick dinosaur appliques!
Big T.rex Vinyl Wall Cling
Something tall for your wall!
Ceratosaurus vs Brachiosaurus Poster
Baryonyx   Poster
Laminated and ready for your wall!
Dinosaur Panorama Laminated Poster
It's NOT a small world after all!
"Floating Dinosaur"  Light Switch
Float like a Dinosaur....?
Dinosaur Night Light (Floating Dnos)
-Temporarily Sold Out- Light the night right with this Floating Dinosaur design
T. rex Lightswitch
T. rexes turn you on? How about a lightswitch and a matching AC outlet?
Feathered Dinosaur Laminated Poster
Feathered And Lethal!
Dinorama Switchplate
NEW! Matches our Dinosaur Panorama Poster!
Dinosaur Placemat
Dinosaur Placemat (Straight Edge)
For carnivores AND herbivores...
Dinosaur Shower Curtains
Washing with Dinosaurs!
Color-Your-Own Dinosaur Placemats
10 Assorted Paper Placemats - Good for party activities, party favors, or as a travel toy.
T.rex Alarm Clock
Wake up - or else!
Dinosaur Party Mouse Pad
The mousepad that roared!
Jungle Dinosaurs Mousepad
Use it while you visit us at The Dinosaur Farm website
Dinosaur Place Street Sign
Street signs from the cave man days. No, really.
Dino Parking road sign
There's a spot! No...keep going. We'll find another one.
Dinosaur Dish Set
Fine Dino Dining!
Dinosaurus of Cretaceous Poster
Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period Poster
Dinosaur Sanctuary sign
Keep your dinosaurs safe from hunters and/or crazy scientists!
T.rex Head Wall Mount
-Temporarily Sold Out- BRAND NEW! Big, Bold, and Ready to Display!
T-rex Lamp
Lighting up the way