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The Dinosaur Farm Dinosaur Collectibles

We've got all the major collections and a few esoteric ones, too! Most of these dinosaurs are sturdy enough to play with or detailed enough to display. There are even a few prehistoric mammal collections (CollectA, Safari, Papo, Schleich). Besides dinosaur collectible figures, we also carry an assortment of dino products. If it has the word "dinosaur" attached to the name, we've got it!

New Releases

A complete list of what we expect for all lines in 2016. As soon as we get arrival times and prices we will make dinosaurs available for pre-order!

Papo Prehistoric Figures

It is because Papo attaches so much importance to quality and realism that their designs have also proved so popular with many collectors and specialists.

CollectA / Procon

The CollectA / Procon dinosaur collections are of the highest quality in both sculpture and painting.

CollectA / Procon Deluxe

With the help of a famous UK palaeoimgaery, CollectA has built the biggest dinosaur line in the world.

Schleich Collection

The design of Schleich products is as realistic and naturalistic as possible. This enables children to experience the large variety of nature.

Schleich Mini Collection

Wonderfully sculpted and painted Scheich's new mini line packs tones of detail and quality into such a small dinosaur. The best mini collection out today!

Carnegie Museum Collection

The Carnegie Museum Collection by Safari - A leader in dinosaur replicas and probably the most respected and established collection in the world.

Wild Safari Collection

This collection is smaller in scale and less expensive, but the quality and design is superb, poses imaginative and colors exciting.

Galaxy Giant Dinosaurs

These are beautifully designed lightweight dinosaurs that are current and the construction is pretty darn good.


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