Inflatable Dinosaurs

Inflatable Dinosaurs
This is as close as we come to "growing dinosaurs" at the Dinosaur Farm. All you need is a good set of lungs (or a pump)and in a minute or two, you've got dinosaur. They last until you deflate them or Junior applies a flying body slam - whichever comes first.

Inflatable Velociraptor
-Temporarily Sold Out- NEW! 51"L Raptor with weighted feet!
Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $22.99
Inflatable T-Rex
-Temporarily Sold Out- Just blow in his ear...
Inflatable Pteranodon
Hang 'em high!
Inflatable Triceratops
-Temporarily Sold Out- Tri to blow him up!
Inflatable Brachiosaurus
-Temporarily Sold Out- Good table decoration for parties!
Inflatable Stegosaurus
-Temporarily Sold Out- If you thought the real Stegosaurus was an airhead...
Huge Inflatable T-Rex
The largest inflatable T.rex available!