Dinosaur Discoveries 4 DVD Set

Dinosaur Discoveries 4 DVD Set
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Here’s 4 hours of Dinosaur dvd guaranteed to please dinomaniacs everywhere. The first DVD is Dinosaur Giants: Found! and deals with dinosaur discoveries around the world. The second DVD is T.Rex Walks Again and deals with you-know-who and attempts to figure out how he walked, the third DVD, Dinosaur! The Tale of a Bonefeatures the late, great Walter Cronkite as the narrator as they explore dinosaur discoveries in the 1800’s to the models that are being used in today’s movies; and the fourth DVD is Dinosaur! The Tale of an Egg which also has Cronkite as the narrator. This last one deals with dinosaur eggs and theories about baby dinosaurs. And, no – Cronkite never says “And that’s the way it was.”

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