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Dino Activity Booklet

Dino Activity Booklet
  • Dinosaur Sticker Activity book dover the dinosaur farm
  • Little Dinosaurs Spot-The-Differences Activity Book dover the dinosaur farm
  • Dinosaur Mazes dover the dinosaur farm
  • Dinosaur Follow-the-Dots Coloring book dover the dinosaur farm
  • Little Dinodaur ABC Coloring Book dover the dinosaur farm
  • Jurassic Dinosaur Stickers dover the dinosaur farm
  • Fun With dinosaur stencils dover the dinosaur farm
  • Realistic Dinosaur Stickers
  • Featherd Dinosaur Tattoos dover the dinosaur farm
  • Dinosaur Stained Glass Coloring Book the dinosaur farm dover
  • Big Dinosaurs Tattoos dover the dinosaur farm



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Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book, Little Dinosaurs Spot-The-Differences, Dinosaur Mazes, Dinosaur Follow-the-Dots coloring book, Little Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book, Jurassic Dinosaur Stickers, Fun With Dinosaur Stencils, Realistic Dinosaur Stickers, Feathered Dinosaur Tattoos, Dinosaur Stained Glass Coloring Book, Big Dinosaurs Tattoos, Mix it up


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Here’s a choice of individual activity books for $1.99. These booklets are 3″x6.75″ and are great party favors, add-ons, etc.

Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book: Twenty-one reusable, brightly colored dinosaur stickers: 1. Coelurosaurus, 2. Ankylosaurus, 3. Deinonychus, 4. Protoceratops, 5. Polacanthus,  6. Styracosaurus, 7. Dimetrodon, 8. Protoceratops, 9. Stegosaurus, 10. Ornithomimus, 11. Iguanodon, 12. Archaeopteryx, 13. Triceratops, 14. Pterodactyl,
15. Tyrannosaurus rex, 16. Varanosaurus, 17. Stegosaurus, 18. Apatosaurus, 19. Pteranodon, 20. Parasaurolophus, 21. Ceratosaurus

Little Dinosaurs Spot-The-Differences Activity Book: This entertaining little activity book is chock-full of prehistoric beasts for young puzzle fans. Dinosaur lovers can identify the differences between two detailed pictures of Anatosaurus, Triceratops, and 25 other dinosaur duos. Each whimsical illustration can also be colored for even more fun. Solutions appear at the end.

Dinosaur Mazes: More than 40 easy mazes transport kids back to the Age of Reptiles. They’ll encounter the long-necked Apatosaurus, the flying Archaeopteryx, and the sea-dwelling Aspidorhynchus as well as Iguanodon, Protoceratops, Barosaurus, and other dinosaurs. Captions identify each animal, and solutions appear at the end.

Dinosaur Follow-the-Dots Coloring Book:A host of prehistoric creatures await their return to life, and all kids have to do is connect the numbered dots. From the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex to the gentle apatosaurus and fleet velociraptor, this menagerie features familiar and exotic dinosaurs. All 40 puzzles include captions and solutions, and kids can have even more fun by coloring the finished puzzles.

Little Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book:An awesome array of long-extinct animals returns from the Age of Reptiles to introduce the alphabet. This little coloring book features 26 illustrations — one for each letter. The fun begins with the long-necked Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus, advancing to the spotted Compsognathus, meat-eating Deinonychus, and other dynamic dinosaurs.

Jurassic Dinosaur Stickers: Young dinosaur fans will love this collection of 20 realistic stickers depicting awesome earth-shakers from the Jurassic era. Included are such reptilian celebrities as megalosaurus, camptosaurus, diplodocus, ichthyosaurus, allosaurus, apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, archaeopteryx, and many more. Add prehistoric pizzazz to just about any flat surface — lockers, windows, mirrors, and lunch boxes — or use these exciting peel-and-apply stickers to illustrate classroom science projects.

Fun With Dinosaur Stencils: Youngsters fascinated by dinosaurs will be captivated by this ready-to-use book of “open” stencils. Created specially for three- to eight-year-olds, Fun with Dinosaur Stencils is designed to help children acquire basic motor skills while introducing them to the formidable creatures of prehistory

Realistic Dinosaur Stickers: Here’s an exciting sticker collection sure to motivate young science students and delight older dinosaur fans as well. Sixteen full-color, peel-and-apply illustrations depict such formidable creatures as the long-necked apatosaurus, the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, the spiny-plated stegosaurus, the triple-horned triceratops, and others. Perfect for enhancing school assignments, these realistically rendered stickers will also add interest to lunch boxes, notebook covers, and other flat surfaces.

Feathered Dinosaur Tattoos- Six fantastic portraits of prehistoric feathered reptiles offer a half-dozen ways to show that your interest in natural history goes back a long way. Dinosaur enthusiasts and tattoo lovers alike will prize these dynamic specimens of body art.

Dinosaur Stained Glass Coloring Book: Produce a dazzling display of Mesozoic monsters with this fascinating collection created for young dinosaur fans. Just the right size for little hands and printed on special translucent paper, the clearly outlined illustrations in this stained glass coloring book include the long-necked Apatosaurus (also known as Brontosaurus), a flying Rhamphorhynchus, the triple-horned Triceratops, a bony-plated Stegosaurus, and four other prehistoric reptiles. Color the fearsome fellows in natural earth tones or in bright, imaginative shades; then hang in a window or near any source of light to produce a dazzling display of creatures from the distant past.

Big Dinosaurs Tattoos: Four formidable prehistoric creatures are the stars of this colorful collection of large tattoos. The deadly Tyrannosaurus rex, gigantic brachiosaurus, lizard-like spinosaurus, and bony-plated stegosaurus will create instant interest on arms, shoulders, legs, and other body parts. The temporary designs come with complete instructions that tell how to safely apply and remove each image.

Mix it Up: Mix it up is a random selection of all of the activity books. We will do our best to not double up on a book unless more than 11 are ordered.