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Megaloceros (Papo)

Megaloceros (Papo)
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Although this giant deer is often referred to as the “Irish Elk,” this most impressive member of the Cervidae was not restricted to Ireland.  The “Emerald Isle” marked the western edge of its distribution. During the Pleistocene Epoch and into the Holocene, these large herbivores could be found as far east as Siberia.  Megaloceros is not closely related to the elk family either. Genetic studies have revealed that the Megaloceros genus is related to the Fallow deer (Dama dama).  The term “Irish Elk” seems to have become popularised from the 18th century onwards.  Numerous specimens found in peat bogs close to Dublin (Ireland) provided museums and private collectors in Europe with a wealth of material to use in displays and the term seems to have originated as a result of these remains being widely seen by the Victorian public.


The huge antlers were shed and regrown by the bucks each year.  They may look extremely cumbersome, but these palmate antlers are actually in proportion given the size of the animal.

4.1″ L x  4.8″ H x 4″ wide


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Weight .286 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4.8 in


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