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The Amazing Hatching Egg / Growing Dinosaur Thingy!

The Amazing Hatching Egg / Growing Dinosaur Thingy!
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Yes, folks, it’s the Amazing Hatching-Egg-Growing-Dinosaur thingy! Or the Amazing Hatching-a-Growing-Dinosaur-Egg or the Egg-that-Hatches-an-Amazing-Growing…ah, you get the idea. You put the egg in water for a day and an “amazing” dinosaur breaks out of it (or is it the egg that’s amazing?). Put said dino in a new jar of water and watch it continue to grow!

IN the B-movie version, you keep transferring it to bigger containers until you finally put it in the back of a pickup and drive to the beach where you unload the monster into the ocean. It grows so large it threatens to destroy the world. And YOU’RE to blame!!! (psst..don’t tell them where you bought it).

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